Packing and storage tips for Self Storage

Packing And Storage Tips

Tips and reminders:

Plan your storage space. For items you may need to access more frequently, store them toward the front of your unit. And if possible, try to leave an aisle in the center.

Keep an inventory. Think about maintaining a list of your stored items, and keep that list somewhere safe and outside of your unit.

Maximize air flow. Consider putting a pallet underneath your belongings, and keep a little space between your boxes and off the walls of the unit for air circulation.

Label your boxes. Mark boxes containing breakable items as “FRAGILE” just to remind yourself.

Think outside the box. Furniture drawers are sometimes ideal storage space. Empty trashcans can also be used as a safe way to store lawn and garden tools.

Don’t forget the basics. Avoid storing heavy or sharp objects on upholstered furniture. And protect against dust by covering your fabrics with blankets or plastic covers.

Store for the long haul. Appliances such as refrigerators and stoves are best stored when thoroughly clean and with the doors slightly open. If you store your mattresses, try leaving them upright instead of at an angle to avoid warping.

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